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Sheep´s Cheese Pack

Sheep´s Cheese Pack

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Each pack contains 2 jars of cured sheep cheese preserved in extra virgin olive oil and aromatic natural spices. Made by hand and completely natural, without additives or preservatives.

Suggestion: the oil where our sheep cheese is preserved is an extra virgin olive oil flavored with aromatic herbs, which you can use at your convenience in other recipes or raw.

Storage: keep in a cool and dry place. Protect from sunlight and high temperatures.

Net Weight: 400 gr

Allergens: Milk.


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(2 jars + ceramic bowl)

Ingredientes: Queso curado de oveja, aceite de oliva virgen extra y especias naturales aromáticas. Sin gluten.
Conservar en un sitio fresco y seco. Proteger de la luz solar y temperaturas elevadas.

Valor energético: 2849kg / 100g
                           682Kcal / 100g
Grasas: 70.6g
    Saturadas: 20.7g
Hidratos de carbono: 0.8g
    Azúcares: 0g
Proteínas: 10.9g
Sal: 0.8g

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