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Pure Chocolate with Almonds and Dried Fruit

Pure Chocolate with Almonds and Dried Fruit

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Pure Chocolate made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Dried Fruit. It is elaborated in a traditional way with a minimum content of 70% cocoa, without preservatives or dyes. This pack contains: 

  • 1 Bar of pure chocolate with almonds and extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 Bar of pure chocolate with dried fruit (nuts, almonds, and hazelnuts) and extra virgin olive oil

This chocolate is Gluten Free.

Bars of 300gr of each type, are served. If you prefer to receive only one type of chocolate, please let us know it in your comments.  

This chocolate is ideal both for the preparation of desserts and for your breakfasts and snacks.

Store in a cool, dry place. 

Ingredientes: Pasta de cacao, azúcar, manteca de cacao, lecitina de SOJA y ALMENDRAS, NUECES y AVELLANAS. 6% aceite de oliva virgen extra. Contenido mínimo de cacao 70%. Puede contener trazas de LECHE.
Conservar en un sitio fresco y seco.

Valor energético: 537Kcal / 100g
Grasas: 39g
    Saturadas: 23g
Hidratos de carbono: 31g
    Azúcares: 26g
Proteínas: 9g
Sal: 0.02g

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